Youth Entrepreneur Education Program

Mentoring uses the resources your company already has to improve employee satisfaction, develop leadership, and teach new skills.

Help for young entrepreneurs is on the way. The future of entrepreneurial growth in the US is in the hands of our young entrepreneurs, yet entrepreneurial resources for young entrepreneurs can be difficult to find.

The ultimate desired outcome for The Central Florida Disability Chamber Youth Program is to have young people more interested in self-employment as a career-option. Through our Chambers projects, students will also garner transferable business skills for both self employment and the job market, understand the relevance of education and choose to stay in school or pursue higher education, and develop life management and problem solving skills.

The Youth Entrepreneur Education Program Includes:

  • Opportunity for Work Based Experiences
  • Logic Models and Outcomes for Youth Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Opportunity to Exercise Leadership and Develop Interpersonal Skills
  • Opportunity to Develop Planning, Financial Literacy, and Money Management Skills
  • Mentors, including peer mentors both with and without disabilities, can assist in developing these competencies.
  • Classes will run on a monthly basis with established entrepreneurs who will present their stories on the path to success.
Youth Entrepreneur Education Program Flyer

2018 Spring Yep Program